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The Fermentation Cellar

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Add Additional Fermenters w/ Chilling Kits

This is the ultimate bundle for complete fermentation control. First off is our FermTank 8 gallon fermenter with chilling kit. The included neoprene insulation jacket helps keep temperatures stable and prevents condensation building up. With the chilling lid you can use your Penguin Glycol chiller to ferment, lager, or cold crash at the temperature you want. The chiller will support up to four fermenters so you can grow your system over time.

The basic bundle consists of a FermTank - 8 gallon fermenter, full chilling kit, and Penguin 1/3 HP Gylcol Chiller. You can add in up to 3 more fermenters and chilling kits if desired. Each subsequent FermTank/Chilling Kit combination is discounted by 12.5%, 15%, and 20% respectively.


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