Lallemand Belle Saison Ale Brewing Yeast - 2328

The classic Belgian Saison strain, used to create Saison and “Farmhouse” style ales. Meant to be fermented at warm temperatures (around 90ºF/32ºC) to develop a unique combination of esters and aromatic characteristics that typify the best of these styles.

LalBrew Belle Saison™ is a Belgian-style ale yeast selected specially for its ability to create Saison-style beers. LalBrew Belle Saison™ is a diastaticus strain that allows the brewers to achieve the high attenuation characteristic of this classic style. Designed for warm-temperature fermentation true to traditional “Farmhouse” production methods, beers brewed with LalBrew Belle Saison™ are fruity, spicy and refreshing. Through expression of a β-glucosidase enzyme, LalBrew Belle Saison™ can promote hop biotransformation and accentuate hop flavor and aroma in hoppy saison-style beers.