BrewTable & 1/3 HP Glycol Chiller Combination

Bundle and save! We have combined our popular Penguin Glycol Chiller with the  BrewTable into one package.

This 1/3 HP glycol chiller is the most popular model for homebrewers allowing you to chill and crash up to a 2 BBL fermenter. You can attach up to 4 fermenters to this chiller at one time. Rated for 2200 BTU/hr @ 28F, the unit runs at 56 dBa, making it perfect for indoor use.

The BrewTable is a mobile and sturdy brewing surface. Made out of 304 stainless steel, the BrewTable features a shelf that can fit a Penguin glycol chiller, a 5 gallon bucket, low profile fermenter, or simply be used for storage.

To make sure you are ready to chill your fermenters right away consider adding  a Cool Box Accessory Kit. Each kit contains:

  • 1 Gallon bottle of high quality food grade propylene glycol
  • 10' of 3/8" ID silcone tubing, thick walled
  • 1 temperature controller
  • 1 glycol pump
  • 4 quick disconnects for the glycol tubing