InsulTun - 10 Gallon Mash Tun (CLEARANCE First Edition Model)

A fully insulated 10-gallon mash tun, expertly designed to maintain consistent mash temperatures for optimal brewing. Its user-friendly design focuses on efficient lautering, featuring a machine-cut gasketed false bottom above a drainage space equipped with a pickup tube. This setup ensures a smooth, grain-free wort flow and helps prevent stuck sparges.

10 Gallon Insulated Mash Tun

The InsulTun is an insulated mash tun capable of keeping your mash temperatures steady and reliable. Designed with easy lautering in mind, the InsulTun has a machine cut gasketed false bottom resting over a drain-off space. This holds a pickup tube or bazooka screen (not included) which you drain through to keep your wort grain particle free. This drain-off space allows you to start your lauter and get a flow going easily, helping you avoid a stuck sparge.

* Not designed for use with direct heat.  Insulation will melt and is flammable.  We've tried this so you don't have to.

* Threads are 1/2" NPT

Marked Down Reason:  New version coming

Insulated Mash Tun Includes

  • 10 gallon total capacity (plus some extra at the top)
  • Fully insulated stainless steel mash tun
  • Gasketed Stainless False Bottom and Pickup Tube
  • Thermometer (Brand will depend on what's in stock)
  • Three Piece Ball Valve
  • Inner Diameter 13.75"
  • Outer Diameter 15 5/8'   (20.5" at the handles)
  • Interior Depth to Rim 16 7/8"
  • Height 19.75"  (23" with Lid)