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AIO 10 gallon + Fermtank 8 Gallon Bundle

Elevate your brewing experience with our special offer combining the Delta AIO and 8-gallon FermTank.The FermTank, our pioneering stainless steel fermenter, offers an 8-gallon capacity, ideal for 5.5/6 gallon batches. Constructed from sanitary 304 stainless steel, it features a unique welded drain valve for easy cleaning and yeast dumping. The thermowell-equipped fermenter also includes a domed lid suitable for pressure transfers, along with an extra 9/16" hole for attaching a pressure relief valve. The height-adjustable legs add to its versatility. Pair it with the AIO 10 Gallon, an all-in-one electric brewing system perfect for small spaces. With a 10-gallon capacity, it's packed with features like a programmable controller, pump, variable wattage heating elements, and essential accessories, making up to 6-gallon batches effortlessly. This combination is a game-changer for home brewers seeking efficiency and quality.

AIO 10 Gallon + Fermtank 8 Gallon Bundle

Combine the Delta AIO with our 8 gallon fermtank in this special offer to save a little extra.


The FermTank is the first in our line of stainless steel fermenters. With an 8-gallon capacity, it is ideal for those 5.5/6 gallon batches. Made out of 304 stainless steel, this fermenter is sanitary, easy to maintain, and versatile. 

Unique to this style of fermenter, the FermTank features a welded drain valve at the bottom. Intended to allow for easy cleaning and rinsing, it is also possible to dump yeast, depending on the beer in question.

It includes a thermowell as standard along with a domed lid that can allow for pressure transfers and has a blow off hose barb. The domed lid also has an extra 9/16" hole drilled with plug and o-ring. This port can take a ball-lock gas post and is intended for an easy way to attach a pressure relief valve if needed. The legs are height adjustable when empty.

AIO 10 Gallon

The AIO is an all-in-one electric brewing system for all-grain brewing. With a 10 gallon total capacity, this compact system is perfect for apartment, small space, or winter brewing.

The AIO is packed with features that make brewing up to 6 gallon batches a breeze including a programmable controller, pump, variable wattage heating elements, and accessories such as a whirlpool arm, chilling coil, insulation jacket, and mash paddle, all included.

Let the AIO simplify your brew day!