Glycol Pump

Our Submersible Glycol Pumps, compatible with glycol chillers, are essential for efficient cooling of fermenters or vessels. These pumps ensure that each fermenter's temperature is independently controlled for optimal brewing conditions. The product range includes a standard pump (12v DC, 19 watts, 3.5gpm max flow, 16′ head height) and an XL pump (24v DC, 60 watts, 6.3gpm max flow, 32′ head height), suitable for different brewing scales.

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Submersible Glycol Pump - 12V Glycol Pump / 24V Glycol Pump

Submersible glycol pumps for use with our glycol chillers.

It is typical to use one pump per fermenter or vessel you wish to cool.  In this type of setup each pump is plugged into a glycol pump controller, the controller monitors the fermenter temperature and turns the pump on/off to regulate temperature.  When running multiple fermenters this setup allows you regulate the temperature of each fermenter independently.  The controller on the Glycol Chiller will regulate the temperature of the glycol reservoir ensuring there is always cold glycol on hand, to be sent out as needed to cool the fermenters.

  • 12v DC  /  19 watts  /  3.5gpm max  /  16′ Head height max /  3/8″ barb fitting
  • XL Glycol Pump – 24v DC  /  60 watts  /  6.3gpm max  /  32′ Head height max /  3/8″ and 1/2″

Pump Comparison:

In real world testing under what we would consider a “normal” install – we found that the XL pump provided roughly 2x the flow on 3/8″ tubing and 4x the flow when used with 1/2″ tubing.


Up to 2BBL – Standard pump

Up to 4BBL – XL Pump used with 3/8″ tubing

Up to 10BBL – XL Pump used with 1/2″ tubing

*Please note that length of tubing, vertical height changes, and number of fittings all reduce the flow of a pump. This sizing is merely a suggestion, your setup may vary.