FermTank Closed Pressure Transfer Kit

Closed Pressure Transfer Kit Contains:

  • (1) Weldless Stainless Steel Ball Lock Gas Bulkhead
  • 5' 5/16" Ultra Barrier Antimicrobial and PVC Free Tubing w/ Ball Lock Liquid Connector and Hose Clamp
  • Ball Lock Gas w/ Flare Connector for Blow-off
  • Optional: 5' 5/16 Ultra Barrier PVC Gas Line with Ball Lock Gas Post

Closed Pressure Transfer Kit

Introducing the Closed Pressure Transfer Kit for FermTank: Transfer Beer Worry-Free!

Look no further than our new Closed Pressure Transfer Kit for FermTank! This innovative kit allows you to safely and effortlessly move your beer from fermenter to keg without exposing it to oxygen.

Using the weldless ball lock gas post you can connect to your CO2 tank and push the beer from the FermTank to your keg. With the included Ultra Barrier Antimicrobial and PVC free tubing and liquid ball lock connector you have everything you need to transfer worry-free.

Please note the second image shows the lid with a second optional bulkhead from the pressure relief valve kit.