Homebrewing Equipment

Whether you are looking for  brew kettles, stainless steel fermenters, glycol chillers, or modular stainless steel tables for your brewery, we have you covered.

Stainless Steel Brew Kettles

All stainless steel the standard line of brew kettles include a tri-clad bottom for even heating and two welded 1/2" NPT ports for you to add valves, thermometers, etc.

The Elite series feature a slightly dished bottom for faster boil times, 2 welded ports, and include a three piece ball valve, plug, and dip tube.

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Stainless Steel Fermenters

The FermTank is the first in our line of stainless steel fermenters. With an 8-gallon capacity, it is ideal for those 5.5/6 gallon batches.

Features a welded drain valve at the bottom. Intended to allow easy cleaning, if you elevate your fermenter, yeast can also be dumped.

Thermowell is included as standard.

Domed lid for pressure transfers and includes a blow-off hose barb.

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AIO - All In One Brewing System

The AIO is an all-in-one electric brewing system for all-grain brewing. With a 10 gallon total capacity, this compact system is perfect for apartment, small space, or winter brewing.

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The BrewTable

Whether you want to organize, store, ferment, or chill, with the BrewTable you can finally get your brewery under control. From keeping fermenters off the ground to keeping your buckets and equipment on a shelf, the BrewTable is versatile and durable. Designed to fit our 1/3 HP glycol chiller, it will allow you to ferment, chill, and then transfer to a keg or bucket all without moving your fermenter.

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Glycol Chillers

From 1/3 HP all the way up to 3 1/3 HP, we have the glycol chiller to fit your home brewery. Each one will chill at least 4 fermenters and can maintain temperatures down as low as 25F.

Ferment, lager, and crash different fermenters at one time!

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