The most common way breweries control fermentation temperature is by using a glycol chilling system. At a homebrewing level this is also becoming a popular method to maintain temperatures, especially as homebrewers begin to ferment more than one beer at a time or start to lager. You don’t tie up a fridge, it is more compact than a freezer, and you can keep fermenters at different temperatures.

Homebrewing Glycol Chillers

For homebrewers we proudly stock the Penguin glycol chiller. Made in the USA, these chillers are designed for homebrewers and available in a variety of sizes, from the popular 1/3rd HP chiller to 3.3 HP. These will chill fermenters from 7 gallon all the way up to 3 BBL +. Our smallest glycol chiller will chill up to four fermenters at once, allowing homebrewers the flexibility to grow into their system. Not sure what size you need? Just drop us a line and we can help size a glycol chiller for your home brewery.

Intended for maintaining fermentation temps/crash cooling, these homebrewing glycol chillers will take your brewery to the next level.  Not recommended for dropping wort from boiling temps.  It is common practice to either use a 2 stage system where the chiller pre-cools tap water that then cools the boiling wort, or tap water is used first to drop the temps down to about 100F, then switch over to using the chiller.