AIO - 10 Gallon 110v

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The AIO is an all-in-one electric brewing system for all-grain brewing. With a 10-gallon total capacity, this compact system is perfect for apartments, small spaces, or winter brewing.

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All-In-One Home Brewing System - 10 Gallon Compact Brewing Equipment

Discover the ease of all-grain brewing with the AIO, your comprehensive electric brewing system. Designed for seamless integration into small living spaces or for convenient winter brewing, this all-encompassing system offers a 10-gallon capacity within a space-efficient design.

The AIO is packed with features that make brewing up to 6-gallon batches a breeze including a programmable controller, pump, variable wattage heating elements, and accessories such as a whirlpool arm, chilling coil, insulation jacket, and mash paddle, all included.

Let the AIO simplify your brew day!


  • All In One unit and Glass Lid
  • Grain Basket and Basket Overflow Pipe
  • Internal Pump
  • Recirculation Arm
  • Whirlpool Arm
  • Chilling Coil
  • Hop Spider
  • Mash Paddle
  • Insulated AIO Neoprene Jacket
  • Swag

AIO Brewing System Features

  • 10-gallon total capacity
  • Adjustable heating elements, up to 1800W/110V
  • Removable grain basket for sparging 
  • Programmable controller with adjustable temperatures, timers, and alarms
  • Domed glass lid with detachable recirculation arm for regulating temperature during mashing
  • Magnetic drive pump for recirculation
  • Recommended max/min grain bills ~ 18lbs/7.5lb