We offer an extensive selection of premium hop pellets for homebrewing. It features various types from artisan to premium brands like Yakima Chief Hops and LD Carlson, catering to all brewing styles with hops like Cascade, Amarillo, Citra, and more.
Apollo $2.19 USD
Calypso $2.49 USD
Cascade Hops (YCH) from $2.29 USD
Cashmere $2.89 USD
Centennial Hops (YCH) from $2.29 USD
Citra Hops (YCH) from $2.79 USD
Crystal $2.39 USD
Fuggle UK $2.49 USD
Idaho 7 $2.59 USD
Lemondrop $2.59 USD
Nugget Hops (YCH) from $2.59 USD
Sabro $2.79 USD $2.99 USD
Wai-iti Hops $2.89 USD
Waimea Hops $2.89 USD