The Double Batch - 8 Gallon

Maximize your homebrew potential with the Double Batch Bundle! This set features two 8-gallon FermTank fermenters, enabling you to ferment up to two 5.5-gallon batches. Whether you're gearing up for a big party, eager to experiment with diverse yeast strains, or simply love having a steady supply of homemade beer, our Double Batch Bundle is the perfect solution. Each fermenter is equipped with a thermowell, and ball valve, and is pressurizable to 5 PSI for easy transferring. Enjoy convenient features like a racking port with a rotatable arm, a 3/4" welded drain valve for simple cleaning, adjustable legs, and gasketed lids for an airtight seal.

16 Gallon Total Capacity Double Batch Fermenter

Elevate your brewing game with our Double Batch Bundle! Featuring not one, but two of our premium 8-gallon FermTank fermenters, this set empowers you to ferment two 5.5-gallon batches simultaneously. It's designed for brewers who believe that more is merrier!

Fermenting Bundle Features:

  • 16-gallon total capacity (2 8-gallon fermenters)
  • Includes thermowell and ball valve
  • Pressurizable to 5 PSI for pressure transferring
  • Racking port with rotatable racking arm
  • Has a 3/4" welded drain valve for easy cleaning
  • Height adjustable legs
  • Gasketed lid with locking clamps for an air-tight fit
  • Domed lid with hose barb blow off, and an extra port with a plug & o-ring.
  • Dimensions without lid: 24" h (28" w/ leg extensions), 13" diameter, 8-gallon volume.
  • Total height with lid and blow-off barb: 28" h (32" w/ leg extensions)