German Oktoberfest Brewer's Best Ingredients Kit

All the ingredients you'll need to brew a delicious 5 gallon batch of German Oktoberfest.

Break out the pretzels, cheese, and sausage.  Oktoberfest is here!!!

With a helping of Munich, Amber malts, and German hops this Oktoberfest is the real deal.  Golden in color and a smooth caramel lager that goes down easy.

This kit is a traditional German Oktoberfest and as such it comes with Lager Yeast that needs to be fermented and stored at temperatures much colder than those preferred by Ale yeasts.

If you have your heart set on this kit, try Lutra or Hornindal Kveik yeast at higher temps to create a pseudo Lager effect or pick up the amazingly convenient Delta Brewing Systems 8 Gallon Fermtank with a chilling and heating kit so you can brew what you want when you want.