DBS Blonde Oat Lager

  • A crisp Lager that's good for all seasons at 5% abv.

For this beer we wanted to see how Briess' Blonde Roast Oats played out in a lager and we were more than happy with what we got.  A golden straw colored Lager with light bready flavors followed by a granola like cereal character.

We chose German Perle hops for a pleasant bitterness and classic Lager finish.

Our chosen yeast was the Diamond Lager strain from Lallemand for brilliant clarity and authentic Lager qualities.

  • Pilsen Malt
  • Goldpils Vienna
  • Blonde Roasted Oats
  • Perle Hops
  • 4.8%-5% ABV
  • 24 IBU


* DBS All Grain Recipe Kits DO NOT include grain bags, yeast, priming sugar or caps.