Dunkelweizen Brewer's Best Ingredients Kit

All the ingredients you'll need to brew a delicious 5 gallon batch of Dunkelweizen.

You've probably had one at some point before, but what is a Dunkelweizen?  A Dunkelweizen is a cross between The Dunkel and Weizen styles of beer.

A Dunkel is a Dark German Lager with notes of chocolate, toasted bread, and caramel.  A Weizen is in the Witbier (Wheat Beer) family and with that come the notes of Banana, Bubblegum, and Clove.

A Dunkelweizen is a dark German wheat beer with Munich and dark malts, but fermented with Witbier yeast.

Ferment at lower temps (64f-65f) if you prefer to keep the fruity esters of the Witbier yeast at bay.