High Temperature Refrigerated Dryer

Designed for when your air compressor does not have an aftercooler, these high temperature compressed air dryers will take high inlet air temperature and cool it down to an appropriate dewpoint for use around the brewery.

Dryers are recommended for all breweries that use a compressor, they will allow to control the cleanliness of your air and to ensure good compressed air quality for your canning/bottling lines or keg washers. They are especially recommended when air will be touching the inside of any of your vessels or kegs.

All these dryers have been rated for 120 PSIG @ 39°F

Sizing Your Dryer

To select the correct size of dryer, look at your compressor and determine what volume of air (CFM) it is producing and at what pressure (PSI) it is producing it. Look at the table below to help account for pressures and temperatures and apply the appropriate correction factor to the dryers capacity.