N2U Nitrogen Generator - Low Volume

Don't worry about running out of nitrogen again. Don't stress about scheduling bottle deliveries or having staff swap around bottles. With an N2U Nitrogen Generator all the nitrogen your brewery needs is made onsite, using a built in compressor.

The next-generation N2U Nitrogen Generator utilizes advanced fiber membrane air separation technology to set the standard for purity, reliability and cost-efficiency.

Engineered sleek with 304 stainless steel, N2U is built with premium components for lasting reliability. The advanced design features an oil-free air compressor, copper piping and easy-open access panel — all packaged in a compact footprint that installs in minutes.

  • 40.5" H X 15" W X 13" D  
  • Weight - 79 lbs (90 w/ gas blender)
  • Volume - 3 SCFH
  • Pushes up to 100 kegs per month/3 pints per minute
  • Also available with external gas blender #N26BC

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