The Brew Kettle - 15 Gallon - Elite

The Elite versions of our Brew Kettles are just as well made as our standard kettle with one defining difference: a curved base to the kettle. This feature sets the Elite kettle apart from most other brew kettles on the market by reducing boil times and, most importantly, encouraging trub to settle towards the center. This aids in transferring clearer wort to the fermenter and keeping hop particulate in the kettle.

With a total volume of 15 gallons, this Brew Kettle can contain even the most vigorous of boils. Two welded fittings allow for a thermometer and ball valve. This boil kettle will be a workhorse for your brewery.

As with our standard kettles the Elite version comes fully kitted out with a 1/2" NPT plug, and Thermometer. Add in the fitted lid and silicone coated handles all around and you have a killer addition to your home brewery.

The Details:

  • 15 gallon brew kettle and lid
  • 304 stainless steel with curved bottom - 1mm thick
  • 304 stainless steel flame enclosure with laser cut vents - 1.2mm thick
  • 2 welded ports, 1 1/2" NPT male and 1 1/2" NPT female
  • Includes thermometer and plug
  • Etched volume markings
  • 20.5" tall, 16 1/4" diameter, 19 lbs