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The Double Batch - 4 Gallon

Not content with brewing just a single batch? The Double Batch - 4 Gallon is our bundle for you. Containing two of our FermTank -4 Gallon fermenters this gives you the capacity to ferment two 4 gallon batches. 

So whether you have a party coming up, want to use different yeast, or just like have extra beer around the place, this bundle is for you!


  • 8 Gallon total capacity ( 2 4-gallon fermenters)
  • This version includes a drain valve at the bottom
  • Includes thermowell and removable thermometer
  • Thermowell sits at 1.5 gallon mark
  • Pressurizable to 1-2 PSI for pressure transferring
  • Racking port with rotatable racking arm
  • Gasketed lid with locking clamps for an air-tight fit
  • Domed lid with hose barb blow off. Lid also has an extra port with plug & o-ring.
  • Dimensions without lid: 17" h, 11.25" diameter, 4 gallon volume.
  • Total height with lid and blow off barb: 20" h 
  • Etched Volume Markings starting at 7 Liters / 2 Gallons
  • Chilling Coil submerges to below 1 gallon