The FermTank - 14 Gallon TC

The FermTank 14 Gallon is our largest fermenter which make it ideal for 10 gallon batches. Made from 304 stainless steel, this home brewing fermenter is enhanced with all tri-clamp features. The lid has a 4" tri-clamp top port for dry hopping, a drop-in chilling coil, or other tri-clamp accessories. It also has a 1.5" tri-clamp port for a blow-off barb.

Stainless Steel 14 Gallon Fermenter with Thermowell

The FermTank 14 Gallon is our largest fermenter yet. With a 14-gallon capacity, it is ideal for 10 gallon batches. As with our entire fermenter lineup, this model is crafted from 304 stainless steel, ensuring it remains sanitary, easy to upkeep, and highly versatile.

The FermTank's design is enhanced with all tri-clamp features. Its lid comes equipped with a 4" tri-clamp top port, offering flexibility for dry hopping, integrating a drop-in chilling coil, or connecting other tri-clamp accessories. Additionally, there's a 1.5" tri-clamp port on the lid designed for a blow-off barb.

The body features three 1.5" tri-clamp ports, one for the thermowell, one for the racking arm and ball valve, and a 1.5" drain port for cleaning or harvesting yeast. The fermenter stands at 30.5" with the legs extended. And for those looking for a compact setup, simply remove the drain pipe, cap the port, and it can conveniently be shortened to 27".


  • Fermtank 14 Gallon TC
  • Lid, Lid Gasket, and Lid Clamp
  • 1.5" Stainless Tri Clamps x5
  • 4" Stainless Tri Clamp x1
  • 1.5" Tri Clamp Dead Cap x3
  • 4" Tri Clamp Dead Cap x1
  • 1.5" Silicone Tri Clamp Gasket x4
  • 1.5" PTFE Tri Clamp Gasket x1
  • 4" Silicone Tri Clamp Gasket x1
  • 1.5" Tri Clamp Blow Off Barb
  • 1.5" Tri Clamp Thermowell
  • 1.5" Tri Clamp Racking Valve w/ 3/8" barb and Rotatable Racking Arm
  • 1.5" Tri Clamp 90 Degree Elbow
  • 1.5" Tri Clamp Butterfly Valve
  • Swag

14 Gallon FermTank Features

  • 14 gallon capacity / 15 at rim
  • Thermowell sits at the 4.25 gallon mark.
  • Pressurizable to 4 PSI for pressure transferring
  • Welded handles
  • Stamped volume markings starting at 8 gallons / 30 liters and go to 14 gallons / 55 liters
  • Height: 30.5" with legs extended, 27" with the legs down
  • Diameter: 15.5"