Lallemand Munich Classic Brewing Yeast - 2322

LalBrew Munich Classic™ is a Bavarian wheat beer strain selected from the Doemens Academy Culture Collection in Germany. It imparts a spicy and fruity aroma profile, typical of German wheat beer styles.

LalBrew Munich Classic™ produces higher levels of esters and phenols than traditional Belgian wheat beer strains, such as LalBrew Wit™. LalBrew Munich Classic™ has robust and consistent performance, making ita great choice for a range of conventional wheat beer styles. 

A true top-cropping yeast, LalBrew Munich Classic™ can be skimmed off the top of classic open fermentation vessels using standard methods. Styles brewed with LalBrew Munich Classic™ include but are not limited to Hefeweizen, Weissbier, Dunkelweizen, and Weizenbock.